Slavery was a horrific decade in which black or coloured people where being shipped over from their homes/countries to be sold and treated like slaves. Many people were treated as property and most that where sold, the person that bought them because their owners/masters, many slaves worked in fields harvesting crops, cooking and cleaning, looking after children and building, most slaves did not live an easy life, if they disobeyed their masters they would receive lashes with a leather whip what would most likely cut deeply into the skin. Slavery was a hard time for coloured people because they could not stand up for themselves because they did not have rights, respect or owned guns so trying to make a change was extremely hard, women sometimes got raped by their owners and majority of slaves where given new names and were told to disown their native names.

Slavery was in place for many years until new laws where set in place to make a change and put a stop to slavery, however racism was still swimming through society shortly after, coloured people where still being treated differently and where being shown no respect. Till this day, slavery is still taking place in many countries which is a shame, men women and children are being treated as slaves against their will and have no one to turn to for help, no one should go through such torture or disrespect because at the end of the day we are all human and race, age, religion or gender should not determine who is better than who. One day racism and slavery will have come to an end all over the world and everyone would have learnt to treat others the ways they would like to be treated.







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